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WeCoRD Textbook

WeCoRD Textbook is avaliable now! You can find the .pdf version in the link below.Textbook: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_kx6hFt7LMgGIh1fGVprMPbuVZMcOoUU/view?u...


WeCoRD Final Multiplier Event

The EU project WeCoRD aimed to enhance the EU higher education capacity by enabling teaching technologies for wearable and collaborative robotics, concerning medical and industrial applications. In doing so, the main objective is to fill in the skill gap between the industry and the labor market needs and, the quality and quantity of the graduates. To achieve this goal, multiple workshops and winter/summer schools were organized with participants across various fields, e.g., engineering, physiotherapy, industrial design. In this event, the speakers will convey the "lessons learned" and share their hands-on experience regarding the teaching methodologies they employed.To Register: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfS70gm4FSbEkxHeyC8QboqEoYtJBCt...

Summer School - 3

The third of the summer schools organized as part of the WeCoRD project will take place in July this year. Our topic at this school will be "HRI for Wearable and Collaborative Robots". We will share the application dates and details soon. Stay tuned!

WeCoRD Winter School - Timeline

Our Winter School was an intense 5-day program that was like an extended version of a hackathon! A real-world challenge was presented to students and they worked really hard and accomplished many things in addition to coming up with a design idea to solve the problem!  We enjoyed the interactive sessions and the company of one another all along!

All 3 modules of WeCoRD will be tested in three Summer & Winter schools

  1. Summer School on "Modeling, Control, and Design of Wearable and Collaborative Robots as Systems". Content: Module 2. July 2021, The Netherlands.
  2. Winter School, "Components for Wearable and Collaborative Robots". Content: Module 1. February 2022, Turkey.
  3. Summer School, "HRI for Wearable and Collaborative Robots". Content: Module 3&4. July 2022, Belgium.